Monday, December 19, 2016

Stability is the ultimate goal

“We’re shifting to a buyer’s market, and sellers may have to adjust their expectations.” Jay Parker

The ghost of the housing market crash from 2008 still worries thousands of new investors and real estate owners around the world. Any minor shift feeds the general paranoia despite of what all realtors and experts on the matter say. The market is finally stable and it’s actually growing, especially in cities like Miami where people from all around the world come to invest.

“The report found that in the second quarter of 2016, the number of home sales fell 25 percent in Miami Beach and the barrier islands compared to the previous year. In greater downtown Miami and its major suburbs, sales were down 12.5 percent annually. Even so, they stayed above historical averages.”
Nicholas Nehamas – The Miami Herald
Experts call this a “slowdown”, but what does this actually mean? It means the market is cooling off as a result of a strong dollar and weak economies abroad. Still, this cooling off doesn’t mean a crash at all. Actually, a slowdown without the risk of a crash means stability in the housing market, and apart from the house prices expected to “drop” in 2017, investing in Miami is still a great idea.

What to expect this 2017?

-A solid market but with our feet back on the ground, or the way Cervera Lamadrid put it: “It just won’t be a runaway season”.

-In June 2016, the Florida Home Price was expected to increase 6.8 percent by June 2017.

-Deals involving office and industrial buildings are still going to be the most attractive ones for lenders and investors.

-Investors from the northwestern U.S. attracted to Florida and willing to double down and plant roots in Miami.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Investing in Brickell

Downtown Miami’s full-time population has increased to nearly 90,000, that’s up to 32% since 2010 and 150% since 2000. What does this mean? What a new report by Miami Downtown Development Authority has confirmed: Young professionals are moving and investing on new businesses in Downtown Miami. Restaurant openings, cranes, and traffic snarls are not just a coincidence.

Out of this 90,000 people increase, about half of them are young professionals between the ages of 20 and 44. They have filled more than 20 new residential towers, built since the last real estate boom.

Whitney McLees, a 30-year-old woman who recently moved to the new Melody Tower, in downtown Miami, said: “There are restaurants and stores popping up all over, and I feel like millennials are really driving that energy.”

It’s not a supposition, but a fact, that Downtown Miami is growing as days pass by. This is why it has become a great city to invest in, since it grows more economically stable every day. Brickell is one of those places that should come to mind when thinking about investing. It’s a very good deal to buy a property and then lease it to generate annual profits. And since it’s growing daily, you’ll be almost always guaranteeing a rental income from that property.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fisher Island on the market!

When it comes to luxury, comfort, and privacy, Fisher Island is the answer. In this tropical oasis, located three miles from the shores of Miami, you’ll find the perfect place to live an exclusive life. This island shelters about 700 families along a private shoreline and around a golf club. Best of all, it’s completely private. No roads lead here and the only way its residents can come in and out from Fisher Island is on a heavily-secured ferry, which only insiders can use.

This island features a shocking amount of amenities, such as: 8 restaurants, including high-end steakhouses, a 9-hole golf course, 18 tennis courts, a large public spa, a small bird-watching area, a private beachfront filled with Bermuda’s sand, and it’s still growing. Even though it’s a small area, Fisher Island also features a small bank, an emergency medical staff (for residents and workers), post office, grocery store, and for the youngsters it has a primary school, jungle gyms, basketball hoops, and sport fields. Fisher Island has it all for its residents and the best thing of all is its safety: the entry process and the island itself are both very heavily secured.

Being one of the most exclusive areas in Florida and the most expensive zip code by square feet in the United States, Miami Riches is pleased to present to you these two amazing properties if you’re interested in buying or renting on Fisher Island.

This one over here is a 900sqft, one-of-a-kind unit, with one room, one bathroom, and a two-water front. You’ll enjoy direct views to the calm emerald waters of Fisher Island’s marina. This bright and spacious property can be easily converted into a two bedroom unit. It’s located at just steps from Fisher Island’s private marina, Island Market, and it’s a golf-cart ride away from Fisher Island’s private beach. This property possesses tremendous potential as a main residence, guest house, or income property. It costs $779,000: a great deal!

However, if you’re looking to vacation on Fisher Island, there are some other offers on homes for rent. This one over here is available for seasonal or short-term leases. It’s a recently updated ground floor seaside villa. It features one bedroom and one bathroom in 710 sqft. If you want the most luxurious, private, and exclusive vacation, then this unit will provide all of this. You just have to contact us for available dates and seasonal pricing schedule. The cost is about $4,000 a month.

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Mega Projects in Miami

Miami is one of those cities that just can’t stop growing. Every day that goes by, more and more projects are being planned and constructed in Miami. This is the way the city tells us that its growth is unstoppable. At this time, there are three main new mega projects going on in Miami: Brickell City Centre, Miami Worldcenter, and Florida’s MiamiCentral.

Brickell City Centre
Brickell City Centre: new retailers are opening here. About 70 stores and restaurants are opening in Brickell City Centre. Among them we can find apparel, fashion and personal accessories, dining, and arts and services stores. Luxury stores will be located on the first floor, while premier and contemporary retailers will be on the second and third floor. By the end of this year, Brickell City will have two condominium towers, two office buildings, and the Miami Hotel. Among the stores, you’ll find retailers such as: Armani Collezioni, Addict, Nars, Pandora, American Harvest, Luke’s Lobster, AT&T, Bojanini Art Gallery, Musart, and so much more.

Miami Worldcenter
Miami Worldcenter: this is a project that has already begun to be built. It has an open-aired concept including a one-to-two story row of retail shops and eateries, along with a plaza space intended as an event place. This project features 300,000 sqft of retail space and 513 condo units. The project is estimated to open by 2018.

Florida’s MiamiCentral: this project will be the last stop along All Aboard Florida’s rail line to Orlando. It is a nine-acre project which will include 200,000 sqft of retail space and four mixed-use towers that will rise above the trail tracks. This rail service –named Brightline, will transport millions of people each year and it will stop in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, giving a very easy and practical access to MiamiCentral.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Four Seasons Brickell

One of the most exclusive condo towers in Brickell center is now on sale. As an investor it is an excellent opportunity to buy, as a tourist a perfect one to rent. Let yourself get the best from Brickell, a city where comfort and luxury are the main attractions. Brickell is known as the “Fifth Avenue” of Miami, since you can find a lot of foreign embassies, major banking centers, and an exciting blend of retail, office, hospitality, entertainment, and residential attractions. The Four Seasons Tower will place you on the epicenter of this exciting, international, business city.

Also, at Four Seasons Brickell you’ll find a great variety of amenities, such as: 24-hour concierge services, high-speed internet connection, personal computer in rooms, spa, access to Sports Club, two pools, and, best of all, excellent location: minutes away from malls and nightlife in Coconut Grove, South Beach, Coral Gables, and Key Biscayne.

Miami Riches offers an amazing unit at this luxurious tower, to rent or to buy. It is the lowest priced unit in the building, so you cannot let this opportunity go away! It’s a completely furnished studio apartment in this 5-star hotel. You’ll experience breathtaking views of the bay and the ocean from the 30th floor. Perfect for corporate rental or business executive. If you’re concerned about your daily foods, don’t worry, it has in-house restaurants and catering to your unit. Also, it comes with one parking space and one storage. It can be purchased for $450,000 or rented for $2,000 a month.

Look no more, you know deep down that a unit at the Four Seasons Tower is all you’ve ever wanted. Contact Miami Riches to start your investing journey and start experiencing the Florida lifestyle!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Michael Schwartz’s Gastronomic Experience

If you’re looking for an awesome place where to spend time while enjoying innovative fashion, design, architecture, and dining experiences, then Miami Design District is the answer you’re looking for. Miami Design District is an excellent destination to have the best shopping, cultural, and culinary experience: all in one place!

Visiting Miami Design District will probably make you hungry; all those restaurant smells will make you crave for a nice meal. To have the best gastronomic experience, you have to visit Michael Schwartz’s Genuine Food & Drink. Here, you’ll find a laid-back atmosphere and really delicious food. Their secret is to make food that’s homemade, unpretentious, delectable, and with great local ingredients. They look for the highest-quality products for their plates.

If you go for a Sunday brunch – which we genuinely recommend – then you’ll experience the best plates, including everything from a breakfast pizza with local farm egg and house-smoked bacon topping to playfully decadent childhood treats and lemon ricotta pancakes. It’s the perfect place to enjoy with the whole family.

Michael Schwartz has also delighted us with a second, also very delicious, restaurant located at Coconut Grove, Miami, named Harry’s Pizzeria. Enjoy the best wood-oven pizzas, plus different Italian snacks such as fried polenta, warm Brussels sprouts with Italian cheese salad, and a great variety of entrees and desserts to choose from. It’s the perfect place for an excellent family dinner or to take your date. You won’t be disappointed with the food quality, they are very cautious with its preparation, since they take so much care of the ingredients they use.

Visit Michael Schwartz’s Genuine Food & Drink and Harry’s Pizzeria for an extraordinary meal and gastronomic experience!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to feel like home in your MORADA: a view from MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE

Investing on a new home means fixing it to create your dream house. Look at the empty spaces, close your eyes, and imagine which piece of furniture would achieve that desired look. Which one are you missing? Perhaps a chair, a couch, a table? Which color? Which texture? Look at the spaces around you, look at the walls, at the floor, at the textures and colors, which piece of furniture would answer to your needs?
Home is the most important investment you’ll ever make. Be sure that your memories, and your family’s, are being built in a beautiful place. MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE is an excellent place for you to look for the perfect piece of furniture. They’ll know what you need and they will help you look and decide which one your home needs.

MORADA’s work is so amazing because it translates from inspiration. Having traveled around the world has given its creators, Fernan Hernández and Holger Odestein, lots of experiences to get inspired by. Once you see their work, you’ll understand the fascination that these unique pieces generate. They offer the best quality artistic design to create the perfect spaces.

MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE (which means “home” in urban Spanish) is located at 3701 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Design District. FL, 33137. If you are around, don’t hesitate to visit these two artists’ own personal temple. You’ll find yourself fascinated by the store, the designs they have to offer, and especially by both artists. Get yourself inspired in Miami and feel that same inspiration when you get home and see one of these unique pieces every day. MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE is the perfect combination of luxury, elegance, and art. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mexican Cuisine in Icon Brickell

A Mexican hospitality group selected Miami as the site for its first U.S. outpost of Cantina La 20, because they see this magical city as the bridge between Latin and North America, with a worldly crowd who will appreciate this exciting concept.

Cantina La 20 is a luxurious Mexican restaurant located at the ground floor of Icon Brickell, where this Latin cuisine is receiving high-end treatment because of its many deeply regional, decidedly complex dishes whose origins date back thousands of years. It offers representative dishes of each state of the country, with traditional techniques and is constantly updating its menu and the chef’s recommendations.

The restaurant has a monumental bar along with one of the larges tequila and mezcal selection in town and a bar manager who creates delicious and sophisticate cocktails.

When you walk in, you see Mexican Art Deco architecture framing through its brilliant black and golden colors, and pieces of art selected from the most important craftsmen of Mexico.
We like that the staff is intricately familiar with each dish and its ingredients and they're happy to make recommendations, while being impeccably dressed, each sporting an electric-pink bow tie.

You should know that bookings are essential –especially on weekends or when dining with large groups. After you go, let us know if you liked Cantina La 20 as much as we did. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Luxury Waterfront Residences

Whether if you are looking to buy or rent, Icon Bay is waiting for you! This luxury building is located in Downtown Biscayne Bay waterfront, just moments from Miami’s future, because there are a number of other developments coming on the horizon: the new Museum Park, the new permanent home of the Miami Art Museum, the proposed Resorts World Miami, a $3 billion, 10 million square foot casino, convention center, hotel, and more. This area is experiencing a long-term growth and now is the best time to invest on it.

Icon Bay is an exclusive 43-story concrete and glass structure with an undulating façade, inspired by the rippling waves of the bay, which reflects the artistic nature of Miami with sleek style.

All residences offer complete flow-through floor plans, breathtaking views from the floor to ceiling windows of every unit, private elevator access, spacious outdoor terraces, gourmet European kitchens and luxurious bath experience.

The sale price for a one-bedroom unit starts at $588,000. For other condos with two or three bedrooms it could go from $849,000 to $1,250,000. Rental rates start at about $2,800 for a one-bedroom, about $3,500 two-bedrooms and $4,600 three-bedrooms.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Rents around Midtown Miami

The cost of a condo versus a house depends on the size of the home, the property values of the neighborhood and the cost of living in the area. But typically, you'll spend less on a condo.

When living in a condo you'll pay dues to a condominium association, which will take care of most of your maintenance needs. You don't need to worry about landscaping, yard maintenance and physical labor activities like snowplowing, road maintenance, and roof repair.

People in condos tend to live in a close proximity. There are always social moments that occur throughout the day. Whether it be to take the trash out or pick up the mail, there are opportunities that one just doesn't get in a home.

If this is the kind of life that you’re looking for, there’s a pocket-sized neighborhood with broad appeal, outdoor cafes, and fine food purveyors all snuggle into an invitingly collection of streets and shops, where you can rent some fantastic condos - Midtown, you’ll be next to creative hotspots like Wynwood and Edgewater, and also perfectly positioned to experience mainland destinations like Brickell.

We gathered great opportunities for you to live here:

Unit with breathetaking views, motorized shades, tile throughout, with natural sunlight and dimmers. With great amenities - high speed internet, security, full concierge, 24 hour valet parking, 2 pools, gym, sauna, party room, convenience store/cafe and theater.

Rent: $2,800 /Month
Community: Quantum on the Bay

This home offers stainless steel appliance, quartz counter, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed concrete ceilings, balcony with amazing city view. State of the art amenities, 24 hour security, concierge, fitness center, infinity pool, Jacuzzi tub, sauna, steam room and valet parking.

Rent: $1,800 /Month
Community: Four Midtown Miami Condo
Rent: $1,800 /Month
Community: Four Midtown Miami Condo

Spacious 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms condo with many upgrades, including hardwood floors, kitchen with matching island, window treatments, closets & high end lighting fixtures. Floor-to-ceiling windows and generous balcony with amazing city and bay views.

Rent: $2,800 /Month
Community: Two Midtown Miami

To keep on looking go to

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Miami Tops the List of Markets with the Most Cash Buyers

By Satinder Haer

Miami real estate often steals the spotlight. Whether it’s due to being one of the hardest hit markets during the housing bust or the location of a celebrity’s newest beachfront penthouse, Miami gets its fair share of attention. Now, the city has another claim to fame. Recent data shows that Miami has the largest percentage of cash buyers out of the 51 largest major metros in the nation.

If you’re considering investing orpurchasing in Miami, use this information to make an informed decision. Understanding your market and competition is necessary due to the local nature of real estate.

Changes in Miami Real Estate

Miami’s history shows that the city is no stranger to real estate fluctuations. After the burst of the real estate bubble, Miami home prices and sales fell dramatically—many investors stopped buying homes and regular home buyers were hesitant to purchase. As a popular investor and vacation home market, the slowdown was not a surprise. However, as home sales bounced back, investors once again flocked to Miami and spurred the city’s recovery. In 2012, cash buyers made up 70 percent of the home sales in Miami. While the percentage of cash deals in Miami has dropped in the last few years, Miami is still one of the hottest cash buyer markets.

Even the government is taking interest in the astonishing number of cash deals taking place in Miami. In January 2016 the U.S. Departmentof Treasury announced that title companies handling cash deals in this market will have to reveal the name of any buyer spending more than $3 million. This new regulation will likely impact investors, especially foreign investors who cannot obtain U.S. mortgages and therefore typically make all-cash purchases.

How Miami Compares to Other Florida Metros

Florida is a hot-spot for cash buyer markets. Eight of the 10 top cashbuyer markets as of Q2 2015 were located in Florida. Miami led the way as the number one market with 55 percent cash home sales. Sarasota, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Tampa, Lakeland, Melbourne and Orlando followed, respectively. Orlando, which was tenth on the list of top cash buyer markets and ranked eighth of the Florida markets, had 44 percent home deals—a full 11 percent less than Miami. Despite the fact that cash deals inMiami have actually gone down from other years, Miami still leads the other cash buyer markets in Florida by a large percentage.

Implications for Buyers

Buyers who are looking at homes in Miami will need to take the large percentage of cash buyers into account. Investors who are willing to put down a lot of cash, or even purchase the property outright, may be more competitive in the Miami market. Many of the cash deals already being facilitated in Miami are likely from investors and could be your competition. On the other hand, investors who purchase high-end or luxury properties may need to consider the implications of the U.S. Treasury’s new disclosure regulation.

Regardless of which situation applies you, use this information to arm yourself before you buy your next property. Knowing the influence of cash in your market can help you make strategic investment decisions.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Miami Design District Restaurants

Miami’s Design District has a distinctive sense of style and poise that makes it more than just a neighborhood, it’s the pinnacle of art and luxury. However its gastronomy can’t be left behind. The best restaurants in the area bring great sensory pleasure with a whimsical interplay of flavors and textures in their food. For those with an impeccable palate, here are four standout restaurants at Design District you shouldn’t miss.
Dedicated to recreate dishes that are simple, rustic and authentic to the villages of Greece and Turkey, with an Old World style wine list that perfectly pair with the food. Gather with your family or friends to be delighted by the smell of fresh baked bread, roasted lamb, grilled fish and homemade specialties. Tripadvisor

Harry’s Pizzeria
Comfortable place, with a casual atmosphere to gather and share local and craft beers, homemade snacks, salads, specials featuring seasonal ingredients and thin-crust pizzas, cooked in the restaurant’s wood-burning oven. With floor-to-ceiling windows, rustic décor and a focal piece painting by local artists. You must experience one of the top restaurants in Miami. Tripadvisor
Through the use of green market sensibility, they serve Italian dishes that scream with flavor to impress your palate, using ingredients selected on the basis of quality, harvest maturity and farming integrity. It’s considered not just one of the best and best-looking restaurant in Miami, it’s also one of the best in America. Tripadvisor

This bakery and cafe offers cakes, pies, and pastries of unparalleled quality to satisfy your sweet tooth. It also serves delicious breakfast, lunch and mid-day snacks and pastries. Taste delicious baked goods in a cozy, country shabby chic décor. Twitter

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Rebirth of Little Haiti

Miami is one of the six most important cities worldwide to invest in real estate. It holds the title of the nation’s second financial capital, behind the Big Apple. The so-called Coasty Cities are cities with better prospects, great opportunities for investment and higher chances of revaluation. These areas and buildings are known as trophy assets.

Miami’s charm makes it a truly metropolitan city; within just a few blocks you can experience a change in character. You can see murals that commemorate significant events in Haitian history while a trendy emerging area is on the other side of the block. Located at the North of Miami, Little Haiti is a happy and colorful place where you won’t want to miss the opportunity to soak up in Haitian culture, experiencing its flavors, sounds and dances.

The area boasts art galleries, Haitian book and music stores and is increasingly becoming a burgeoning center of small, independent businesses of all kinds. New bike lanes make it easy to explore this recently gentrified neighborhood.

It has seen a lot of changes in the past few years as the Design District has grown, expanded and the creative class has started to call the area home. Little Haiti is slowly being transformed and may be the next big thing in Miami. This will be a good place to invest in little apartment buildings, renovate and rent them out for a long term investment.

We chose a couple of properties as examples of this growing community:

A town-home style property. All units have been updated. It features tile and granite counter-tops and 1 assigned parking spot, just for $449,000. This is a great opportunity!

A great up-and-coming location: two blocks from Biscayne Boulevard, close to Design District, Midtown and Wynwood and only minutes away from Miami Beach and downtown Miami, just for $275,700.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Where to invest money in 2016

Miami is one of the six most important cities worldwide to invest in real estate. It holds the title of the nation’s second financial capital, behind the Big Apple. The so-called Coasty Cities are cities with better prospects, great opportunities for investment and higher chances of revaluation. These areas and buildings are known as trophy assets.

The Miami consumer is becoming increasingly sophisticated; the design and positioning of the property are very important. What can be observed in the consumption of art, food, fashion and everything else is also increasingly sophisticated, thanks to a significant concentration of money that benefits the city.

According to Miami Diario, in 2016 you must invest in inland Florida. There was no investment made by investment funds or foreign investors, therefore, the values have plenty of room to recover. The business opportunities are in these areas. If you want to enjoy a property, it is ok to buy oceanfront, but today that is not a great investment. Today, good business lies in class B and C assets. The low-price cycle of premium products is already over, while there is still much room for class B and C to be revalued. It is a matter of strategic investment. Rent for such properties may exceed 13% and reach up to 15% net.

One of the best places for this type of investment is the Miami-Dade County. We find areas with excellent properties in them, such as:

Homestead: Growth is its watchword. More than half of its homes have increased in value over the past 10 years, yet housing remains relatively affordable in this 61,714 resident city. Sale prices over the past two years averaged just $79.42 per square foot.

Pinecrest: Its population has grown a modest 1.54% in recent years, and village leaders are thinking about expanding. A common discussion involves annexing land west of U.S. Highway 1 to help build up the small village’s tax base.

Aventura: This diverse and growing community is known for its high concentration of transplants from the Northeast, and its many high-rise condos. Buyers will find an average sale price of $227 per square foot and options for Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean views.

Miami has matured a lot and, in doing so, has been dedicated to meeting the demands of global buyers and investors. Our hope is for lifestyle trends to continue, including emphasis on: impressive and durable designs of recognized architectural firms, interior design representing the soul of a building, the continued presence of brand buildings, and above all, a wide selection of amenities.

To find properties on sale or rent in those areas and more go to

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