Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to Feng Shui Your Outdoor Space

By: Henry Walsh

Many homeowners in the Miami area enjoy spending much of their time at home outdoors. Creating a Feng Shui outdoor living space makes sense for those wanting to make the most of their outdoor areas. Consider these tips on how to Feng Shui your outdoor space to make it a more peaceful and comfortable space this season:

Understand the Elements
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of laws that pertain to the energy that items produce within an area. There are five elements to consider when designing your outdoor space: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. While you may choose to include all of the items into your outdoor area, the most critical Feng Shui elements in an outdoor space include those natural resources of wood, earth, and water. Use all of these elements in a literal sense, like building a wood fence, but you can also use the elements within certain aspects of the space like furniture and decorations.

Include Water
Water is an essential element in Feng Shui, based on the earth’s need for water as a resource. With water being one of the resources, this means that every Feng Shui outdoor space should include some water feature. Water is so essential that if you can only choose a few items to utilize, make sure that water is the first one. Water symbolizes abundance and is best when placed in the North of the outdoor space. Other spots are also available depending on what kind of energy you want to attract to your area.

Use Directional Placing
Feng Shui principles focus on the use of direction to the five elements. Using directions means that you should not only know which direction your outdoor space faces but also be aware of what items to place in certain spots. Water features should be set on the north side of your outdoor space, but could also be placed in the wood element direction of East and Southeast, since wood is nourished by water. Place outdoor furniture in the Southwest corner of your outdoor space in order to build relationships that are important to the earth element. Metal accents can be placed within the West to Northwest areas of the space as well.

Plant According to Color
Color is also an essential part of Feng Shui and relates to the directional aspects of the practice. A Feng Shui garden would include blue or black featured plants to the North to coincide with the water element. Green or brown colored plants would be planted in the East for the wood element. Red and orange plant varieties would be in the South for the fire element, while white, silver, or gold colored plants would be in the West for the metal element. The earth element includes those plants of yellow or beige coloring that should be placed in either the southwest or northeast parts of the garden.

Use Natural Colors
The outside living space of your home should bring harmony to the area around it, meaning that it should naturally fit in with the hues of brown and green of the grass types and tree varieties that surround your outdoor space. Feng Shui focuses on harmony within the space and nothing should stand out too abruptly. However, one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is to have a brightly colored entrance to the space in order to invite positive energy. This can be done by choosing a favorite non-natural colored paint for the area in which you enter your outside living area.

Incorporate Natural Shapes
Another way to bring positive energy into your outdoor space is to mimic those shapes that are found in nature. You will rarely see straight vertical or horizontal lines in life, but will find curves, circles, and odd shapes with odd angles instead. These types of shapes and lines are encouraged in a Feng Shui outdoor space as they help positive energy. Even if you do need to use straight lines in a porch or fencing materials, consider shaping the space into a curved area rather than one with 90° angles.

Choosing to use Feng Shui principles in creating your outdoor living space is a smart way to make the area more comfortable to use. While becoming a Feng Shui master takes years of careful practice, you can begin to incorporate many of these essential principles when trying to Feng Shui your outdoor space.

Henry Walsh is a gardening writer and eco-conscious living advocate. He recently began his homesteading journey after many years of incorporating the principles into his urban lifestyle.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Miami Food Halls, the new gastronomic trend

This is a gastronomic trend in Miami that you cannot miss. A food hall is a space where you can enjoy a wide variety of street food from all over the world. It is a very hipster concept and it is based on the idea of having many options in a single place. It is a kind of market or food fair.

Their gastronomic variety is superb; they are very popular in Singapore, Australia, Denmark and Germany. Besides offering gastronomic diversity, they’re also a cultural meeting place.

How is a Food Hall installed? Generally, in spaces such as large, empty buildings from where the concept is started.

In Miami, these kinds of places are fantastic. With so many cultures to take advantage of, this city boasts of having excellent gastronomy, such as Latin American food ready to be tasted.

Have you already visited and enjoyed great food at a Food Hall?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Ultimate guide to McDonald’s Real Estate

South Florida is home of the company that has given a great impulse to the gastronomic business. We are talking about McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is one of the largest Real Estate companies in the world, it is present in 119 different countries with a total of 33,990 open restaurants. It is estimated that around 69 million customers eat at McDonald’s restaurants every day.

In Miami, McDonald’s business has grown exponentially, increasing its sales every day.

To invest in McDonald’s, you do not need to think much, since the rise of this company is totally undeniable, it has grown and continues to grow.

From this famous franchise’s business model we can learn that:

Although aspiring to become what it is today, McDonald’s may seem naive, its business model leaves us lessons that we can replicate. This will help you to invest.

       You must strive so that your client faithfully believes in the brand and identifies with it.
       Innovation; your business must be able to evolve with your customers.
       You must listen to your clients; your business must be dynamic and you must be willing to change. That communication will make you stand up in times of crisis.

Some of the companies that have used a similar business model and have been successful are Starbucks and Uber.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

TV, Millennials and Housing: what do these things have in common?

It doesn’t matter which media, you’ve heard about Millennials: that generation born between the late 80s and mid-90s. While they are commonly known by their eccentricities, this generation is now following the steps of Gen X and becoming the next to make smart investments.

It’s well-known that Millennials have been inspired by Pop Culture to make their housing and lifestyle decisions. This doesn’t mean a bad thing; it means they have an idea of what they want and how they want it. The downside of this is the market itself: Millennials are the generation with the biggest market limitations due to housing prices.

Housing has always been a high topic no matter what generation you belong to. For Gen X, they have the highest level of debt, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Since the early 2000s, US housing interests have lowered, which at that time meant they took all the opportunities and had cheap loans.

So, no one told you life was gonna be this way

This generation was greatly inspired by the famous Friends apartment, which would cost around $4,500 monthly to rent in real life. Moved by this, Gen X thought that by taking loans, they could find places like Monica and Rachel’s apartment by sacrificing some things.

 This is where everything started

In the long run, some people from this generation regret that impulsive shopping. Some regret not being more aggressive pushing for the property they wanted, with the amenities they were looking for, for slightly less money.

Let’s talk about Girls

Millennials are far more observant that we give them credit for. After watching how the 2008 Housing Crisis affected the general economy, this generation accepted that having some amenities would come with more planning. For instance, Millennials usually don’t buy but rent first, start to build their finances first, pay some debts, and then, they decide if they want to move out or buy.

The series that showed a realistic side of this was Girls, where twentysomethings were trying to have a life in the city of New York. This representation of how youth tries to get by each day under the housing situation is possibly the most accurate one.

Millennials have to do more than just move to more affordable places; they usually don’t buy more than they need. They plan their living without taking more debt in.

How Miami Riches is here to help

For us, working towards a future is a priority, but we also help you manage your property according to your budget. We look for the best places in Miami where you can invest wisely and without much sacrifice, always looking for your comfort.

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