Tuesday, September 10, 2019

5 Ideal Plants for your Garden.

Do you know what are the best plants to have under the Miami sun? There is a great variety of plants that better resist the hot and sunny conditions of the city of the sun.

With the arrival of summer and the high temperatures, we need to adapt our garden for the season. The best way is to fill it with plants that develop best when they are under the sun, and with the right care, the longer their flowering period will be.

If your garden is sunny all day or most of the time, you'll be interested to know which flowers are best suited to those sunny areas, here are 5 options.

1) Bougainvillea
Needs to be in very sunny places and needs the warmest climates to develop under ideal conditions. As for watering, two or three times a week will suffice in the hottest months of spring and summer.

2) Geranium

It does not require excessive care, as it is one of the most popular outdoor resistant plants. During the summer months, it needs to be watered almost daily.

3) Verbena
It is one of the most colorful sun plants because it has many flowers, and also tends to flower in greater numbers from late spring until the end of summer. It needs little water so it is ideal for very sunny places, in fact, they need sufficient sunlight to grow well.

4) Snapdragon

Blooms from spring to autumn and its flowers can be of many different colors, from white and yellow to orange, red, pink and purple.

5) Dahlias
They need to be under the sun, so they are ideal for a garden in the middle of summer. However, they do need abundant watering, which must be done at times when the sun is not shining on them.

We know how important it is to take care of your garden.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Top 5 activities you can do with your friends in Miami.

Miami is the perfect paradise to enjoy with the family we choose to have: Friends.

Miami is well known for all the fun, sun and flavor that you can expect from a great vacation, and if you are with your best friends, things do not stop improving.

Therefore, you should make the most of this quality time you will spend with the people you love.

Here is a list of the activities you can do together:


A 45-minute tour through the waters of Miami.  Fun and incredible. From this tour you will get wet, but will be happy. There will be a team responsible for entertaining and taking care of you, so do not hesitate to consider this option.


This national park is famous for being one of the most unique and wild areas in the United States.

Guided tours are organized throughout the length and breadth of the park, you can see crocodiles and all the fauna and flora that live there.

South Beach

Of all the must-see destinations in Miami, the first one is South Beach. Turquoise blue waters, surfers going after big waves, and a sky like no other are some of the features of this paradise.

Little Havana:

A Cuban neighborhood that represents the taste, the colors, and the music of one of the richest continents in culture: Latin America. It features restaurants and shops that are representations of famous places in Havana.

So... Are you ready to enjoy the best of Miami with the best people in the world?

Do not wait any longer and come live here!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Advantages of living near good schools.

When you have a family to watch over, moving in becomes even more complicated.

Not only your interests and expectations need to be met; schooling is the most important stage of a child's social development, so choosing the right school is an essential task.

The advantages of choosing a school close to the area where you live are many. Miami has schools with perfect accessibility.

Among the advantages of enrolling children in a nearby school, we can mention:

The time you can save:

It's not just about the time you could save by not having to travel long distances, but also the time you could sleep, how calm you can wake up in the morning, the time you spend for breakfast. Although these details may seem insignificant, they will greatly influence the mood and energy that children have during the day.

Peace of mind:

If you are considering several properties and one is slightly cheaper but it is further from your workplace and the children's school, consider investing in your peace of mind and that of your children. Later they will thank you.

Saving money:

Although distances in Miami are not so exorbitant, eventually, the shorter the distances you travel, the more money you will save money on transportation or gas for the car.

Miami is an excellent city where to educate your children. In fact, Florida is one of the states with the lowest bullying index in all the United States, so we suggest you consider this state to settle with your family.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Miami: the favorite city of the Millennials

Miami is one of the favorite destinations worldwide, it is also a MUST in the United States. It is common for this city to be associated with a limited stay,  vacations or summer enjoyment.

Miami has become much more than a summer full of majestic beaches. Today, it is one of the preferred destinations in the United States to settle and stay. What has surprised many is that Millennials have decided to make this their hometown. Here are some of the reasons why Miami is the preferred city of this generation.

Labor expansion

Miami is a city full of projects. Since it’s a famous tourist destination, there are many projects in development. Even though the unemployment rate fluctuates around 5%, this does not stop the Millennials, because all the possibilities offered by the city are much more important.

Slowing house prices

Getting a property in Florida is a titanic task. Here, the price of real estate is usually high. However, something interesting is happening in Miami that could open the doors to the future of young people. Normally, the prices of real estate in this city rise between 6 and 7% annually; however, this process has slowed down, meaning more investment opportunities for young entrepreneurs.


The United States has beautiful cities whose climates represent a resounding "No" for many. Miami has an enviable climate. The sun is a constant element during the year and the temperatures are never extreme, so deciding to live in Miami will not be a headache.


Even if it seems superfluous, this aspect is one of the favorites of many. Having a space where you can disconnect from everything just a few minutes away from home is an attractive attribute. The sea always brings Miami closer to creative and young souls.


It is precisely this multiculturalism that has opened the doors of expansion to this city. Companies from all over the world, with workers from all over the world, living side by side in the same city. The diversity of cultures, languages ​​and physical features makes Miami even more interesting.

Friday, May 17, 2019


If you are planning to buy your new home, it is important to ask yourself the following question: Should I buy a new property or an old property? Both offer some benefits worthy of being considered, although they also involve certain risks. Here are some of them.


Both new and old properties are expensive. Classic and old-fashioned properties tend to have higher prices due to their location, that is to say, their proximity to busy areas, parks, schools and other amenities. By the same token, depending on their size and luxury services, new properties are also usually expensive, but if the property has not been refurbished, the price could be lower than an old property.



In terms of construction, old properties are resistant. Many of them have survived for decades, and have endured natural disasters, since many of them have been built by artisans who meticulously sought perfection for details.

On the other hand, new properties are also made with the purpose of guaranteeing durability. In this sense, new owners will not have to worry about remodeling. In addition, they offer everyday appliances in good condition and other amenities such as gym, parks, laundry, and doorman.


The probability that an old property needs to be repaired is high. In the case of houses, chimneys and floors could be inclined. If a house was built before the construction of sewer systems, the latrine can overflow. In addition, they could have flaws in the wiring or electric system.


Unlike new properties, old properties are usually close to entertainment venues. Besides, they are located in central areas of cities.

In conclusion, both options have many strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, before making a decision, we recommend to analyze the conditions of the home you want to acquire with a professional, depending on your needs.

Friday, April 12, 2019



Colors such as white, gray, black, brown, and beige are perfect for your spaces because they work very well with other colors. Neutral colors can be used in two ways, whether to give a smooth appearance to the home -–such as white, beige, ivory or gray – or to give a dramatic atmosphere –such as black.


The key to minimalistic decoration is “less is more”. This brings elegance, sobriety and luminosity. Minimalistic decoration is a trend in the world and more and more people choose interiors decorated with little furniture, light colors and meticulously selected objects.


If you want to decorate a house or a small apartment, functional furniture is your best option since you can benefit from its convenience in making the most of the space and bringing an original look to your home.

“With more and more people adopting the ‘Less is more’ attitude, we are seeing a shift in interior design. For 2019, I predict we will be seeing more multi-functional spaces. The murphy bed has been making a comeback and I think we’ll see even more modernized versions.”

– Alexis Kokolias, Owner, Lexi Interiors


This year, we can see that the use of natural materials has become a trend that provides greater privacy and intimacy to each environment, in order to make them more welcoming. In terms of materials, wood is the major material, with pine, oak, and mahogany being the most eye-catching. They can be used in house structures –such as ceilings or columns–, interior and exterior floors, furniture, doors, and windows.


Patterns were commonly used to decorate homes during the 1930s. However, in this year 2019, it is again a trendy style. Geometric patterns –frets, rhombuses, circles, stripes, and even medallions and flowers– can bring a vintage or an elegant look to the home. It can be combined by adding accessories of different ethnic styles, to create an interesting decor. In this case, tribal, African and Native American prints will be your best allies. Combine these details with neutral furniture to create a bohemian look.

Friday, March 22, 2019


Real estate can be one of the most lucrative investments, and buying a beachfront property can bring an excellent return on investment (ROI), a reliable income stream, and access to a delightful vacation spot. Here are some of the benefits:


According to livescience.com, living near the beach can be good for your health and well-being. In addition, the beach can be a great gym, since it will allow for training and doing workouts. Activities such as walking, jogging on the beach, and stretching on the sand can improve the joints.


A survey by the University of Exeter showed that people living near the sea live with less stress than people who live away from it. Serotonin is the regulatory element of stress and anxiety in the human body, and according to the results of the research, it has been shown that people who live near the sea have higher levels of serotonin.


If you only use your vacation home a few times throughout the year, renting out your beach property can create year-round income opportunities.

Nevertheless, the great disadvantages of owning a beachfront property is that, due to its location, it’s vulnerable to torrential rains, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. These factors should be taken with caution, since they can have a destructive impact on the properties. If, fortunately, your property survives a natural disaster, as mentioned above, there may be subsequent discomforts, such as power outages, food shortages, and floods.

Thursday, February 21, 2019



There are many ways to invest in the US. You can buy stocks of companies with an upward trend or a franchise, or purchase, repair and refurbish, rent, sell, and manage real properties. Either way, the US offers a wide spectrum of business opportunities to improve your quality of life. If you want to invest this 2019, here are five options.

5) Detroit, Michigan

Today, there is a large list of investors who guarantee that buying in Detroit is a safe option. According to Marcelo Schamy –an Argentinian resident of the United States for over three decades, and CEO of IDG Home Detroit, a real estate investment company that is making inroads in the real estate market–,this city began to resurface in 2013, when a group of entrepreneurs decided to change the trend and give the metropolis a new life:

“Detroit has managed to go from bankruptcy in 2013, to being named the 2nd best city to travel to in 2018, from an impressive investment capacity provided by both the institutional community -Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, among others-, as well as entrepreneurs such as Dan Gilbert, Steven Schwartzman (Blackstone Funds), the Ilitch family (Little Caesar’s, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers) and many other traditional Detroit families. At the same time welcoming national retailers such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, Google, LinkedIn, Nike, Amazon, Under Armor, Shake Shack, Galaxy Software, and many more for the first time ever.”

4) Boston, Massachusetts

Known as the Athens of America, Boston stands out in the top due to its important institutions focused on scientific, economic, social, and medical research. This city seems interesting and attractive for millennials and immigrants. According to Forbes, Ralph G. DeFranco, a global chief economist, explains that: “With interest rates and home prices both on the rise, first-time homebuyers –largely millennials– may want to consider making the jump from renting to owning sooner rather than late.”  On the other hand, the Boston real estate market has plenty of buyers, and will remain in constant growth over the coming years. It’s enough to take a look at the chart below from Trulia, which plots median sales prices in Boston from 2000 to January 2019.

3) Houston, Texas

Being the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is one of the best cities to invest in real estate. This city offers a wide international business center and affordable housing, to have access to a high quality of life, education, and a long list of opportunities for Latinos. In fact, Zillow analyzed housing markets in the country, and Houston ranks as the ninth most buyer-friendly housing market, below New York, in first place, Miami, in second, and other Florida cities, Maryland, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

2) Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the ultimate destinations. One of its main characteristics is the huge variety of real estate products, such as futuristic skyscrapers, office towers, hotels, and luxury shopping centers. It goes without saying that Miami has a large number of immigrant population. In fact, according to Norada Real Estate Investments, a third of residents were foreign born, and it can be said that, in the last decade, opportunities for immigrants have exhibited a growing trend:
In 2011, nearly a third of residents were foreign born. However, about half of those become citizens, so we can say that Miami is simply considered attractive to immigrants. However, the Miami housing market is unusual in the number of foreigners buying homes here. Russians, Brazilians, Argentines, Turks, Chinese and British buyers are buying up properties here at a far higher rate than would be expected. Some see the property purchases as a safe investment, while others intend to use the beachside condos as vacation properties. A few bought homes in Miami to flee to in case their home countries became untenable, which explains the large Venezuelan expat community in Miami.

1) New York City

It is not a secret that the real estate market in The Big Apple has the most important properties in the world. It is also one of the most expensive to invest in. In fact, a report from Savills Research from last year shows New York City as the third most expensive city in the world. Notwithstanding, New York City real estate is also known for its investment opportunities; this city has many business opportunities. However, Investopedia shows that, in the real estate market, the most effective ways to carry out investments are the three following methods:

·         Invest Through a Turnkey Property
·         Try a REIT
·         Buy a Property Directly

Thursday, January 31, 2019

5 tips for a luscious Miami lawn

By: Henry Walsh

Creating a space that is not only comfortable but also provides essential outdoor access, is an integral part of homeownership. Miami lawns not only add beauty but also put the finishing touches on an entire real estate package. Consider these five tips for a luscious Miami lawn to both sell your home quickly and boost curb appeal.

Clean It Up

This may go without saying, but many homeowners don’t see the unsightly items in their lawn that have gone untouched for months or even years. Take a detailed inventory of your yard and make sure that it is clear of trash, debris, and plant material like twigs, branches, and dead blooms. Cleaning up is the first step to creating a verdant lawn that will become the envy of every neighbor and potential home buyer.

Continue Watering

Miami is known for its ideal climate, making lawns thirsty all year round.  Setting a regular watering schedule for in-ground sprinklers is vital for keeping the lawn green and in optimal health. Consider choosing an extended watering session, 1-2 times per week, to encourage grass roots to grow deep. Doing so will also help your lawn withstand any dry spells in the weather and make it more adaptable to the Miami climate. Watering during the morning hours, usually, before 10 am, is essential. Doing so allows the lawn to soak up as much water as possible before evaporation can occur. Refrain from watering at night as a soggy wet lawn in dark conditions can lead to potential disease and pest infestation.

Green It Up

Many homeowners who put their house on the market want to present the best possible yard for listing pictures and home showings. Using a quick release fertilizer on the lawn will instantly green up the area as well as provide a luscious overall appearance. Quick release fertilizers are usually in spray form and need to be carefully applied to deter any burned areas of the lawn.

Overseed Warm Climate Grasses

According to LawnStarter, the most common grass type in Miami is Bermudagrass, which is a warm-season grass type. Warm-season grass types do well under strenuous heat. However, some varieties can turn brown and go dormant in the winter, creating a problem for residents looking to sell their home this time of year. Overseeding warm season grasses, like Bahia Grass, is an excellent way to green up the lawn during colder months. Use a cool season grass, like Ryegrass, to overseed, encouraging green growth. It is not recommended to overseed St. Augustine or Centipede grass though, as doing so can significantly affect the established lawn.

Keep It Trimmed

Mowing your lawn is incredibly important especially when your home is on the market. Potential home buyers want to see a yard clean-cut and well maintained. Allowing your grass to get long can not only be unsightly but can encourage issues to arise with fungus and pests. Consider mowing the day before a showing or open house to present the best curb appeal possible. If your schedule doesn't allow for regular mowing, try hiring a lawn care company that can do the work for you while your home is on the market. Keeping your lawn in top condition can bring a better offer as well.

Creating a lush lawn in Southern Florida is simple with these five tips. Make sure to clear your yard, and to continue water and mow the lawn on a regular basis. Use a quick release fertilizer to brighten lawns during the growing season and consider overseeding some warm-season grasses during the dormant winter. Each of these five tips will help boost your home’s overall value and increase dier curb appeal when selling your home.

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