Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Miami's Real Estate Boom: What You Must Know


Miami is becoming a center for tech startups and investors at a fast pace

Miami has become the second most expensive city in the housing market, after Los Angeles. But this hasn’t stopped people from making the city a new reference in tech development and startups. It has been compared to Silicon Valley. 


The pandemic affected several industries and changed the way people worked. It wasn’t necessary to go to an office every day or be close to your workspace. When people started to notice that, most of them began to plan around this by moving to states where they could work in their industries while planning their personal lives. When most companies started to realize the benefits of remote work, they began to change the way they conceived remote work, allowing most of their employees to work from wherever they wanted. 


But what does this means for real estate? 

Craig Studniky, executive director of Related ISG Realty, commented that Florida had increased its population by 900 people per day over the last few years. The pandemic didn’t affect this internal migration as much as other states. Over the first four months of 2021, the housing market grew by 39.8%. 


It is expected that the housing market will normalize by next year, offering more options for buyers since inventory has been on the rise. However, don’t expect prices to lower; those will still be on the rise. 


In recent predictions, there’s a forecast of a 3.2% increase in home price by June next year or even a 12% increase by July. 


Millennials are looking for comfort (a better quality of life, and most of them, started to plan their families). That’s a big reason why cities like Miami are booming in real estate: since it’s beginning to become a startup and tech capital, it’s a tax-friendly area, and real estate is on the rise, it’s the perfect place to start planning their professional and personal future. 


Just like it happened in New York City and the Bay Area, Miami is in the zeitgeist of a tech financial boom that, on the one hand, has created opportunities for those who can afford a house and have their work here. On the other hand, it makes a breach in the quality of life among specific populations. Still, Rebecca Danta, from the angel firm Miami Angels, claims that part of the solution could be generating more job opportunities in the tech area to close that gap. 


Miami’s continued rise won’t stop any time soon and will stay relevant in this new normal, and real estate will be one of the markets that will see the benefits from this. 

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