Monday, May 8, 2017

Miami’s Restaurants Keep Getting Better

Miami is so full of dining options; some of the best chefs in the world are now living here, and they are delighting us with their culinary art. Restaurants in Miami keep getting better and better every day. On this occasion, we are going to talk about restaurants located in SLS Brickell, an oasis of fresh flavors in one of the hottest spots in town.
James Beard Award-Winning chef Michael Schwartz brings us Fi’lia, a modern piece of Italy right in Miami. A fresh perspective of Italian cuisine right in the Caribbean is an amazing luxury, and everyone in Miami will be talking about it in no time. Fi’lia introduces artisanal bread and pasta to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. If you want to have an unbelievable breakfast, order the Roasted Mushroom Fritatta: caramelized onions, goat cheese, herbs and toasted ciabatta (Italian white bread). If you rather have lunch, we strongly recommend you to order their famous Beef Carpaccio (sunchoke, green onion, pecorino, mustard vinaigrette) next to their Pistachio Pesto (house made ricotta, charred onion, and pecorino). We guarantee you’ll come back. 

Another James Beard Award-Winning chef, José Andrés, brings us his fabulous concepts and unique perspective of seafood. At Bazaar Mar, you can enjoy all the classics of the ocean like ceviches, tiraditos, seaweeds, crab, lobster and a variety of fish, always emphasizing in Caribbean species. José Andrés always accompanies his delicious dishes with his collection of wines from all over the world to create the perfect mood. If you want to brunch like a king, order a Marinero for you and your companions, and you will enjoy crudos, ceviches, tiraditos and caviar, all next to refreshing Möet & Chandon Brut champagne. For dinner, you should definitely try the “Croquetas de Bacalao” (Cod Croquettes) with José’s Asian Taco (Ibérico ham, cured hamachi, osetra caviar, Korean seaweed and ginger).  Taste the ocean in the most unique way with José Andrés’ cuisine.  

Miami is raising the bar for America’s restaurants, and has now become a center for the culinary arts, another great reason to live in this beautiful city. And now, with Miami Riches, your dreams of moving here can become true!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why is a broker important when investing?

South Florida is a region with lots of real estate agents. Since the real estate market is one of the safest markets, people are always looking to invest in it, especially in South Florida. That’s why the real estate market in South Florida, especially in Miami, continues to grow every day. Nowadays, you can go online and look for property listings according to the region you’re looking to invest in. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s an easy business. We deeply support the idea that the help of a broker is important when you want to invest in real estate, regardless of how useful the internet can be when searching for properties. Here’s why you should hire a professional to help you keep your money safe!

1)     Even though investors have access to online property listings, a broker has extra knowledge that will help the client choose the best deals according to his/her needs.
2)     A broker is that one person that will make the investor’s life a lot easier, especially if you’re new in the business. Sometimes, an investor can encounter difficulties –procedures, laws, steps to follow, etc., in the transaction (since it’s a big one), and a broker will make sure to solve them all, favoring the investor, of course.
3)     Brokers know every single detail about the neighborhoods they work in. They will help you find the one that best fits your lifestyle. Besides, they can identify the best deals by comparing them to other properties with the same value.
4)     A broker is constantly investigating the real estate market’s condition. This is essential to know how to proceed when selling, buying, or renting a property. This information is also helpful for them to give you a professional opinion on how your investment will behave in the future.

5)     All brokers have vast experience in negotiations. They know the best moves to benefit their clients. A broker is not only a messenger, but a business man capable of persuading the second party to accept the offered deal.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Immigrants and Miami’s Real Estate Market

Miami is one of the most attractive cities in the United States for foreigners. About 51% of Miami’s population was not born in American land, and there is at least one foreign member in more than 70% of household families. The next question you might be asking yourself is: where do they come from? Well, more than 90% of Miami’s immigrant population comes from Latin America and the Caribbean. And they represent half of Miami’s total population.
            Miami is not only a great city for immigrants to visit and enjoy, but also to invest in. A great part of these Latin Americans are investing in Miami’s real estate market every day. Why? Here are some reasons why this city is so attractive for foreign businesses.
1)     Since more than 90% of Miamians are Spanish speakers, Latin Americans find Miami very cozy and comfortable. Immigrants can get the best from their home country, but in the United States.
2)     Investing in Miami is not as hard as it might sound, you only need two licensed realtors for the whole buying-selling process. Also, it’s legal, and property rights usually make investors feel really comfortable and safe when they put their money in real estate.
3)     Miami is a city that offers very low interest rates, and property prices are sometimes lower than in their home country.
4)     The commercial assets in Miami are relatively affordable compared to other real estate markets from around the world. They often offer greater yields at lower costs.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Enjoying Miami at Night

There are two types of people in this world: those who can’t live without daylight and those whose brains are most active after the sun has set. Miami is home to both of them! If you feel you belong more to the second group rather than the first one, here’s a nightlife guide that will help you have fun in Miami.

There are four main spots every South Floridian should put their eyes on: Miami Beach, Downtown, Wynwood and Design District, and Little Havana. In each of them there is a great variety of night clubs and activities to enjoy, and the best part: without wasting too much money.

When passing by Miami Beach, you shouldn’t miss certain key places where you’ll have an excellent time. For example: FDR Lounge, Sunset Lounge, HaVen South Beach, Jazid, and New World Center. However, if you’re less of a “getting a drink” person and you enjoy calmer plans, then you can always go for a walk at Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive.

If you’re looking for fun at Downtown Miami, then The Pérez Art Museum Miami is your place. Every month, they host a social event that includes live music, drinks, food, and a gallery exhibit. This is a free event that only charges the museum admission. You can attend every third Thursday of every month between March and September.

In Wynwood and Design District you’ll find live music at The Stage, which only charges a nominal cover. You can also choose a free walk by the artistic streets of Wynwood Arts District, where you’ll also enjoy food trucks, live music, and other entertainment.

Last, Little Havana is always here to save our leisure time. Every month, Little Havana hosts Viernes Culturales Arts & Cultural Festival, where you’ll enjoy dancing, music, entertainment, and local galleries that open till later hours for people to get the complete artistic experience. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Consequences of the Election in the Miami Market

Either a Republican or a Democrat, we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what will happen with the real estate market in South Florida after 2016’s biggest moment: the election. Donald Trump and his immigration policies were the big winner of the night, so what will happen with Florida?

So, if South Florida’s population is mostly made up of Latin Americans, does this mean that the real estate market is at risk? At Riches, we have the strong belief that it isn’t.

According to Edgardo Defortuna, president and CEO of Fortune International Group (a residential developer), South Florida’s real estate market will be as stable as it has been for the past ten years. South Florida will continue to be one of the best cities in the US to invest on properties.

Defortuna stated that: “If anything, Trump understands how the real estate market works and many of his supporters are major real estate developers and investor”. And moreover: “All his economic policies are for growth and to create new jobs and to jump-start the economy depending on factories going back to work and real estate booming and I don’t see how that could possibly be a negative impact.” 

Therefore, if anything, South Florida’s migration will keep on as it has been in past years, meaning that the real estate market will continue to grow and develop.

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