Monday, June 8, 2020

What are the ideal properties for singles?

The road to building your own home can be both challenging and exciting at the same time.  It is true that starting life in a place all by yourself might be harder than if it were with someone else. However, Miami is the home of many uprising artists, entrepreneurs, and bachelors who seek for a brand-new start on their own.


Choosing the apartment

One of the many advantages of acquiring a home by yourself is that there are no debates, long discussions, or give-and-takes. However, even if this is no longer part of the challenges, buying as a single person has its tricks. That is why at the beginning it is useful to consider a large unit with roommates or a smaller property. Your first home won’t be necessarily your last one after all. In Miami, the options for studio apartments and one-bedrooms are limitless, covering your space needs with affordable prices.

Another great option for first home owners are condo-townhomes, which are valued approximately at $190,000. These townhomes are usually located in community neighborhoods and might resemble single-family properties (they usually share a wall with the neighbors and have a yard and a parking spot). Why are these properties good options for singles? Besides the space and functionality, these properties are great candidates for selling when it is time to move out (that is why looking for properties that appeal to married couples, even while being single, is a great hack).



Considering areas


Along the apartment itself, choosing a good area in Miami is critical for any newcomer. An area that fits your interests and hobbies is the perfect opportunity to create connections and establish professional and personal relationships.


Some of the greatest areas for singles in Miami are Coconut Grove, one of the oldest in Miami, with a big market for townhome condos and an amazing nightlife (cinemas, cafes, restaurants, malls, etc); Coral Gables, the home of the University of Miami, great for nature and art lovers; Brickell, one of the most chic and cosmopolitan areas in the entire city, where you can both work and have fun; and, finally, the famous South Beach, with its nightclubs, hotels and beautiful ocean views.


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