Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

Could you imagine a place where you could try every ice-cream flavor in the world, watch colorful art with ice-cream as the main concept, swim in a sprinkle pool and swing on a giant banana? This past December, the Museum of Ice-cream opened its doors temporarily in Miami Beach (in Faena District), and the tickets sold out in a matter of hours. Apparently, if it were still open, it would still be very difficult to get tickets due to the massive amount of people wanting to go there. Thousands of visitors of all ages (both tourists and locals) came to this museum and felt like young children once more, while they tried all their favorite ice cream flavors. It might have been the sugar rush, but many of them even danced during this colorful experience.

Pink palm trees, giant ice cream cones, sprinkle pool and hundreds of original and even exotic ice cream flavors filled this 4-story museum. One month wasn’t enough, but they promised to open their doors again soon, so everyone who couldn’t find tickets the first time may have the opportunity to witness this unique event. For now, you can check thousands of pictures of both kids and adults on a banana swing, many positive reviews about the delicious ice cream flavors they actually give you in one of the main rooms of the museum, and what seems to be one of the coolest things on earth: a sprinkle pool where you can dive in if you dare (actually you can’t, but you can dip in your feet and take a picture).

Most visitors came because of their unconditional love for ice cream, but let’s not forget that it’s indeed a museum where numerous art pieces are exposed, and every last detail in every part of the tour was perfectly thought to make the experience unique, fun and unforgettable. The creator of this museum believes that ice cream is one of the most creative foods, and that it deserves to be celebrated because of the countless hours of flavorful joy it has brought to the history of mankind in every corner of the world. And to celebrate its universality, you can even have kosher, vegan, gluten-free, or sugar-free ice creams so everyone can enjoy.

It was a success in San Francisco and New York City, and Miami was no different. Everyone is looking forward to its reopening, and hopefully next time it will stay open for more than a month, so that everyone can have the opportunity to visit one of the coolest and most original places in America; the Museum of Ice Cream!

Photo: http://bit.ly/2EGnebR

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