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Miami Real Estate Market Update - Brickell - September 2012

In the following table you can see all closings in the Brickell area (zipcode 33131) for the month of September of 2012. There were a total of 63 closings. The main statistics are:
  • Average price per square foot: $360
  • Lowest price per square foot: $144 (Four Ambassadors unit 747)
  • Highest price per square foot: $613 (Epic unit 3707)
  • Average discount: 4.78%
  • Number of studios sold: 5
  • Number of 1 bedrooms sold: 25
  • Number of 2 bedrooms sold: 28
  • Number of 3 bedrooms sold: 4
  • Number of 4 bedrooms sold: 1

Penthouse 09 at Courvoisier Brickell Key was the quickest one to go pending sale in just one day.

jade brickell

Building Unit# Bed/Bath Living Area Days on Market List Price Sale Price Price per sq ft
THE CLUB AT BRICKELL 3316 0/1 425 9 $119,900 $116,000 $273
Four Ambassadors 929 0/1 500 14 $125,000 $125,000 $250
LOFT DOWNTOWN 1109 0/1 625 62 $144,000 $155,500 $249
The Four Ambassadors 747 2/2 990 13 $150,000 $142,500 $144
The Loft Downtown II 1904 1/1 665 17 $179,900 $170,000 $256
FORTUNE HOUSE 2001 1/1 640 44 $185,000 $180,000 $281
The Club at Brickell Bay 2305 1/1 740 29 $218,000 $212,000 $286
ONE MIAMI 3906 0/1 507 81 $219,000 $195,000 $385
The Club at Brickell Bay 4012 1/1 818 4 $234,800 $234,800 $287
Isola 1811 1/1 682 9 $235,000 $227,500 $334
WIND BY NEO 511 1/1 820 316 $239,000 $230,000 $280
BRICKELL KEY II 1016 1/1.5 720 82 $245,000 $230,000 $319
The Mark on Brickell 1006 1/1 750 90 $265,000 $255,000 $340
The Plaza at Brickell 1903 1/1 750 139 $269,000 $271,000 $361
Brickell Key One Condo A1111 1/1.5 820 68 $270,000 $250,000 $305
BRICKELL ON THE RIVER 1203 1/1.5 952 90 $274,900 $270,000 $284
ONE MIAMI 1424 1/1 846 37 $275,000 $250,000 $296
1060 BRICKELL CONDO 1704 1/1 731 149 $278,000 $270,000 $369
BOR South Tower 2303 1/1.5 952 79 $280,000 $270,000 $284
50 Biscayne 3905 1/1 845 95 $290,000 $250,000 $296
ICON BRICKELL 4608 0/1 675 48 $290,000 $285,000 $422
The Plaza on Brickell 3702 1/1 688 9 $295,000 $282,000 $410
One Miami 803 1/1 868 49 $299,000 $286,000 $329
Mayfield Condo 2903 1/1 481 42 $309,000 $280,000 $582
PLAZA ON BRICKELL 3400 1/1 847 182 $310,000 $285,000 $336
THE IVY 3406 2/2 1087 418 $315,000 $310,000 $285
COURTS BRICKELL KEY 2207 1/1 878 7 $317,000 $317,000 $361
ONE MIAMI 2300 2/2 1105 49 $319,900 $315,000 $285
ISOLA CONDO PH-1 2/2 1086 50 $320,000 $300,000 $276
ONE MIAMI 2510 1/1 846 56 $320,000 $295,000 $349
BRICKELL ON THE RIVER 1817 2/2 1267 84 $325,000 $350,000 $276
ICON BRICKELL TOWER 1 404 1/1 726 24 $325,900 $316,000 $435
BRICKELL ON THE RIVER 711 2/2 1117 21 $330,000 $300,000 $269
COURTS AT BRICKELL 1606 1/1.5 863 20 $330,000 $325,000 $377
BRICKELL ON THE RIVER 4219 2/2 1157 36 $359,900 $359,900 $311
One Miami 815 2/2 1145 43 $368,000 $365,000 $319
One Miami West 3022 2/2 1169 64 $370,000 $338,000 $289
THE MARK ON BRICKELL 2208 2/2 1140 17 $379,000 $370,000 $325
THE PLAZA 505 2/2 1120 68 $385,000 $345,000 $308
ONE TEQUESTA 609 2/2 1310 126 $415,000 $380,000 $290
CARBONELL 802 1/1.5 1076 139 $425,000 $365,000 $339
500 Brickell 1402 2/2 1216 5 $430,000 $425,000 $350
THE PLAZA ON BRICKELL 2304 2/2 1192 118 $439,000 $405,000 $340
COURVOISIER COURTS PH-09 2/2.5 1257 1 $440,000 $440,000 $350
One Miami 2726 3/2 1416 4 $450,000 $413,000 $292
BRICKELL KEY II 1108 2/2 1200 20 $454,900 $430,000 $358
ONE TEQUESTA 600 2/2 1410 49 $475,000 $460,000 $326
ONE MIAMI 3926 3/2 1416 440 $499,000 $488,000 $345
Icon 1810 2/2 1347 60 $620,000 $580,000 $431
Jade Residences 1502 2/2 1529 69 $649,000 $630,000 $412
900 Biscayne Bay TH502 2/2.5 1711 319 $659,000 $640,000 $374
ICON BRICKELL B-1003 2/2 1390 333 $665,000 $615,000 $442
Four Seasons 44D 1/1.5 1114 197 $699,000 $600,000 $539
TWO TEQUESTA 2305 2/2.5 1540 48 $700,000 $670,000 $435
ICON BRICKELL 3907 2/2 1461 25 $720,000 $685,000 $469
Epic West Condo 3401 2/2.5 1539 256 $845,000 $800,000 $520
Plaza 4205 3/3.5 1974 36 $889,000 $850,000 $431
FOUR SEASONS 3412 2/2.5 1747 185 $920,000 $750,000 $429
Icon Brickell Tower 2 4302 2/2 1654 117 $950,000 $920,000 $556
EPIC WEST 3707 2/2.5 1598 167 $990,000 $980,000 $613
Jade 1101 2/2.5 1878 44 $1,125,000 $1,050,000 $559
Three Tequesta Point 2401 3/2.5 2353 51 $1,300,000 $1,180,000 $501
JADE RESIDENCES 3701 4/4.5 3415 217 $2,145,000 $1,950,000 $571

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joe’s Stone Crab - A gem in SOFI

When one in four restaurants go out of business or change ownership within one year of their grand opening, it’s amazing to find one on the verge of celebrating its 100th year in business. It’s a landmark event for Joe’s Stone Crab and they’re celebrating their centennial, beginning in January and running through mid-October, 2013.

joes stone crab miami beach

Located at 11 Washington Avenue, Joe’s Stone Crab has a rich and delightful Miami history.

The “Joe” in the eatery’s name is Joe Weiss, a Hungarian-born New Yorker who decided to move to Miami to ease his asthma symptoms. In the Big Apple, Joe was a waiter and his wife Jennie a cook in a restaurant, so it was only natural that Joe would gravitate to a food and beverage career in his new home. The tiny lunch stand he ran on Miami Beach was the beginnings of an incredible American Dream success story for these two immigrants.

Five years later, Joe and Jennie opened the business in a bungalow on Biscayne Street. They reversed roles (Jennie waited tables while Joe did the cooking), created a menu that included mostly seafood dishes and served diners on a couple of tables set up on the bungalow’s front porch. 

As the couple aged and the business grew and relocated, it was handed down to Jesse, who is largely credited for the restaurant’s success and longevity.

Today, Joe’s is still a family-run operation and the “family” has extended to include its employees, some of whom have been with Joe’s Stone Crab for 40 years. With a profit sharing plan and three employee bonuses a year, it’s a place that values its people and makes them feel a part of the family.
Joe’s has also expanded into two additional locations: Chicago (on East Grand Avenue) and Las Vegas (in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace).

So, how does a restaurant that has catered to patrons such as J. Edgar Hoover and Al Capone, celebrate the milestone of a 100-year anniversary? It will be fun, but low key, Joe’s COO Stephen Sawitz told the Miami Herald.

Joe’s Stone Crab doesn’t accept reservations so be prepared to wait for a table – sometimes up to two hours. Choose from medium, large and jumbo stone crab claws or, do as Frommer’s suggests if you’re not in the mood for crab, and try the liver and onions or fried chicken.

Top your meal off with what Frommer’s calls “the best” key lime pie in town.

Joe’s Stone Crab is open for business during Miami’s crab season, which runs from mid-October to mid-May. You’ll find Joe’s in South Beach at Biscayne Street, just south of 1st Street. For more information on this Miami legend, visit them online.

The real estate around Joe's has been very popular as well with a new building announced this month by the Related Group. One Ocean will be built one block away from Joe's, where the Phillippe restaurant is located today. One Ocean will only have 50 ultra-luxurious residences. Regarding resales in this area of South Beach, Apogee has units starting at $5 million, Continuum has units starting at $600,000 and Portofino has units starting at $600,000 as well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Millionaire's Row

If you are seeking the finest condo living Miami has to offer I have two words for you: Millionaire’s Row. Located mid-beach, north of 17th Street, Millionaire’s Row is a stretch of Miami that is dotted with some of the city’s most luxurious real estate – and amenities to match.

Location of Millionaire’s Row
Between North Beach and South Beach, “ideal” seems an understatement to describe the location of this high-end enclave. “Convenient” is apt as well, for the area’s proximity to fabulous shopping and dining.
Then there are, of course, the crystal-white sand beaches, less crowded than those of South Beach. Locals enjoy the boardwalk, whether for jogs, leisurely strolls at sunset or people-watching.

History of Millionaire’s Row
Elephants on Miami Beach? Back when the area was accessible to the mainland only by ferry, a gentleman by the name of John Collins came up with the brilliant idea of constructing a bridge between the two. As bad luck would have it, however, he ran out of money before the project was complete. With the help of the now-famous Carl Fisher, the money flowed once again and Collins’ dream-bridge was completed. While it no longer exists, the Venetian Causeway follows its route.

Collins also acquired several parcels of land and used elephants to clear the mangroves and swamps. He installed roads and built coral-rock homes. Fisher and Collins worked hard promoting the area to wealthy northerners, touting the climate and the area’s beaches. By the end of 1923, Fisher had sold $6 million worth of area real estate, according to Absolutely Florida.

This high-end tropical escape proved an irresistible magnet to the rich and famous, not only as a vacation destination, but as a part-time home as well. In fact, some of the luxurious summer homes they built are still in existence today.

Millionaire’s Row Today
While South Beach offers far more of a party atmosphere, you’ll find Millionaire’s Row a bit more sedate and refined. 

Despite this, mid-beach does offer the amazing Fontainebleau Miami Beach Resort with a nightclub and eight restaurants. Eden Roc, next door, features three infinity-edge pools plus an adult-only swimming pool.

Where to Live in Millionaire’s Row
Pricey, luxurious, with an abundance of high-end amenities is what you’ll find when you decide to look at homes in Millionaire’s Row. Let’s take a look at some of the more desirable condo buildings in the area.

Mei Miami Beach
Priced from $499,000 to $2.25 million, Mei Miami Beach offers one, two and three bedroom homes with up to three bathrooms.

Built in 2008, this Asian-inspired 22-story building offers the following amenities:

Fitness Center
Beach club
Tea Lounge
Social rooms
Business center
Concierge service
24-hour valet and front-door service
Security-controlled elevator system

The 94 units at Mei run from 900 to 1,900 square feet and townhomes from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Mei homes feature:

State-of-the-art technology
Large balconies
Designer kitchens and bathrooms

Condos at Mei Miami Beach remain on the market an average of 128 days, with an average sales price of $1,163,667. The average price-per-square foot paid during the first half of 2012 is $658.

The Bath Club
No discussion of Millionaire’s Row is complete without mention of The Bath Club, one of the area’s most popular and prestigious addresses.  Located at 5959 Collins Avenue, The Bath Club is not only an amazing place to live, it’s steeped in history as well.

Situated on a former avocado plantation, The Bath Club was designed and built in 1926. While the architecture has since been painstakingly restored, the amenities are decidedly modern. In fact, the Bath Club bills itself as providing “all the services of a five-star hotel with the privacy of a single-family home.”

Residences at The Bath Club are second to none, which we’ll discover in a moment. First, let’s take a look at some of the complex’s amenities:

24-hour security
Full-service spa
Fitness/health center
Conference area
Billiard room
Tennis courts
Board room
Private party room
Katrina’s Restaurant
Poolside food and beverage service
Fully-stocked wine cellar
Gourmet market
In-home dining available
Housekeeping services available
Over 26,000 square feet of event space
50,000 square feet of private beach

The villas at The Bath Club feature frescoes on the ceilings in the master bedrooms and imported marble floors throughout. With eight floor plans from which to choose, homes range in size from a bit over 1,900 square feet to 4,135 square feet. 

The units feature:

Private service-elevator for each residence
Alarm systems
10 to 12 foot ceilings in the Tower residences
Floor-to-ceiling windows
Glass terraces
European kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances
Views of the ocean, city or bay

Technically, homes at The Bath Club remain on the market an average of 160 days. Included in this determination, however, is one home that was on the market for over 400 days. When that one is removed, the days-on-the-market figure is a quick 75 days.

The average sales price of a Bath Club home is $3,025,000, or $824.75 per square foot. Current prices run from $1,125,000 to just under $10 million.

blue diamond green diamong miami beach

Green Diamond and Blue Diamond
Typically mentioned in the same breath, the Blue Diamond and the Green Diamond actually stand adjacent to one another. With direct ocean, bay and city views, both diamonds are mid-beach gems. 

The 45-story towers were built in 2000 and feature eight residents per floor, with one, two and three bedrooms. Although the offered amenities between the buildings are subtly different, overall you will find: 

Lighted tennis courts
Billiard rooms
Health and fitness center
Private beach club
Media room
Multi-purpose room
Storage Facilities
24-hour security
Storage facilities
Beach access
Children’s pool
Towel service

Choose from among eight floor plans with one through three bedrooms.
Current prices at Green Diamond range from $560,000 to $1,650,000. At Blue Diamond, you can choose from among residences that range in price from $590,000 to $2,175,000.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brickell Condo Buildings Breaking Ground and Under Construction

After several sluggish years with few new residential developments, South Florida’s landscape is about to get a major makeover. The Brickell area deserves a lot of the credit, with new construction popping up almost monthly. 

In fact, according to Oscar Pedro Musibay of the South Florida Business Journal, since the start of 2012 developers have announced 13 new condo towers for the area east of Interstate 95. Most of the new developments claim they will “redefine” Brickell’s landscape in ways we’ve not even imagined. True? That remains to be seen, but let’s take a look at some of the projects for which the developers are just breaking ground or that are already under construction in Brickell.
Brickell House

Brickell House
Developer Harvey Hernandez of Newgard Development Group paid $25.8 million for a site, in the heart of the financial district, on which ground has been broken for the 46-story Brickell House. Completion is set for 2014.

The good news is that the sales center is now open, but, if you’re interested in purchasing at Brickell House you’ll need to act fast because there are only 20 units of the tower’s 374 remaining. Located at 1451 Brickell Avenue, the sales office offers models of the units’ kitchens and bathrooms.

Brickell House offers units ranging in size from studios (at fewer than 600 square feet) to penthouses with 7,000 square feet of living space. 

While the units promise to be breathtaking, gadget lovers will be amazed at Brickell House’s robotic parking garage, a first for Miami. The completely automated system allows the driver to drive into an elevator, leave the car, press a button and the robotic system takes over, parking the car.

Announced amenities include two swimming pools and a Meat Market steakhouse -- the self-described “sexier and more glamorous take on the traditional steakhouse,” which will be located on the ground floor.

my brickell

My Brickell
Not far from BrickellHouse, sales are underway for the 234 units planned for My Brickell, which broke ground in the spring. Related Group, the developer of the site located at 30 SE Sixth Street, expects the project to be completed by late 2013. 

The 25-floor building is designed by Arquitectonica, and the award-winning Karim Rashid is doing the interiors, according to the Miami Herald’s Martha Brannigan.

The residences – studios and 1 and 2 bedroom units -- range in size from 600 to 1,195 square feet. Interestingly, there is no parking at the building, but owners of one and two bedroom units will be allowed to park next door at 500 Brickell, via valet parking.  Studio owners are not given parking, thus the lower-than-normal prices for these units.

The highlight of the development is the amazing rooftop terrace with a swimming pool, but My Brickell will also offer residents a fitness club, a bar and a media room. 

The interiors promise to be stunning with Berber carpet, walk-in closets and Italian cabinets and stone countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re interested in purchasing a unit here at My Brickell you’ll need to act quickly as there are only five available, with an average sales price of $400 per square foot.

millecento brickell

Related Group also broke ground last month on 1100 Millecento Residences in Mary Brickell Village. The 382 residences are designed by Pininfarina. If the name sounds familiar, think Maserati, Ferrari and Rolls-royce.

The building will stand 42 stories tall and offer amenities such as a fitness center and sauna, a roof-top infinity pool, private cabanas and beach club membership. Additional amenities include:

A cinema screening room
CitiClub bar and lounge
Resident’s party room
Billiards room

Millecento was sold out before developers broke ground for the project, with buyers placing a hefty 35 percent deposit on the units.

Brickell CitiCentre
The gargantuan Brickell CitiCentre complex of skyscrapers has had its share of problems getting off the ground, but with the first phase finally getting underway back in June, it seems to be full speed ahead from here on out.

Part of this first phase includes 800 condo units in two 40-story towers, according to the South Florida Business Journal. Units range in size from studios to five-bedrooms. The expected completion date for phase one is sometime in 2015.

This city-within-a-city promises to provide residents with the convenience of walking, on what they call the “Climate Ribbon,” (covered walkways that connect all of CitiCentre’s structures) to shopping, dining and entertainment, all within the complex.

Aside from the two condo towers, CitiCentre will contain:

A 243 room hotel
Two office towers
3,100 parking spaces

Phase two will add an additional, taller office tower.

If you drive by the site you’ll notice that the first phase is well underway with contractors working on the foundation and underground parking. This part of the project should be complete within 18 months, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Venetian Islands - A manmade treasure in Miami Beach

Looking for water views without the hustle and hum of an urban neighborhood? Consider the Venetian Islands.

Located in Biscayne Bay, between downtown and Miami Beach, the man-made islands that make up the Venetian Chain offer an entirely different vibe than what you find on the mainland.

The Venetian Islands are:

Belle Isle
Rivo Alto
Di Lido
San Marino
San Marco 

The islands are connected by a series of bridges known as the Venetian Causeway.

Belle Isle Island
Once home to retail giant J.C. Penney, Belle Isle, the easternmost Venetian island, is now known for its amazing condominium complexes. A somewhat circular island, the condo buildings ring the island’s shores and surround Belle Isle Park.

The park was renovated about six years ago and features an island favorite, the dog park.

Belle Isle is home to the Standard Miami, a boutique spa hotel. The hotel features 105 rooms while the spa offers innovative treatments such as the “Sound Shower,” the “Falling Water Column” and pre-natal massage.

Some of the most in-demand condos on Belle Isle can be found at Nine Island Avenue, where current home prices range from $369,000 to $1,050,000. The Costa Brava is another island favorite and, because homes here are typically lower than Nine Island, they tend to sell quickly. There is one unit currently available, offered at $429,000. The average sales price of homes here at Costa Brava is just under $407,000. 

The most recent buildings in Belle Isle are The Grand Venetian which was built in 2001 and The Vistas which was built in 1998.

Rivo Alto Island
Located just west of Belle Isle is Rivo Alto, both an island and a neighborhood. Most of the structures on Rivo Alto are single family luxury homes. Those homes on the water have boat docks.

Current homes in Rivo Alto range in price from $895,000 to $10.5 million.

Di Lido Island
Moving west of Rivo Alto you will find Di Lido Island. Italian villas, Mediterranean estates and modern manse’s dot the island’s landscape. Prices for Di Lido homes range from $1,225,000 to $14.9 million.

San Marino Island
On San Marino you’ll find luxury living at its finest. Secluded, yet close to all that Miami Beach has to offer, life on San Marino is idyllic. Currently, you’ll find only 5 homes for sale in San Marino Island, ranging in price from $1,095,000 to $9.4 million.

san marino home

San Marco Island
Homes on San Marco are situated similarly to those on the other Venetian Islands, with both waterfront and inland locations. Available homes in San Marco Island range in size from two bedrooms to seven bedrooms and are priced from $1,295,000 to $6,950,000.

Biscayne Island
The closest one to mainland is Biscayne Island, which has a mix of condominium buildings and single family homes. Biscayne Island also has a toll plaza right next to the bridge that connects the island with Downtown Miami.

There are three buildings in Biscayne Island: One Thousand Venetian, Sandpiper and Venetian Isle at 801 N Venetian Dr.

Prices for single family homes in Biscayne Island usually start at $1million. Sometimes you will find a bargain on Biscayne Island such as the current lowest-priced home on the market. This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home is being short sold, listed at $725,000.

There are only four other homes on the market on Biscayne and they range in price from $3,300,000 to $9.5 million.

The Venetian Islands offer the best of both Miami worlds – secluded enclaves with ocean views, yet minutes away from all that Miami has to offer. We’re happy to show you any of the amazing homes available on the Venetian Islands.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fisher Island - Miami luxury living at its best

Fisher Island is known as a “barrier island.” For those of you who are new to Florida, barrier islands are those that run parallel to the mainland and are separated from it by a bay, a lagoon, or other waterway. Barrier islands can be man-made or natural. 

fisher island real estate

Fisher Island, which is man-made, lies 3 miles off the coast of South Florida and is accessible only over the water by ferry. The ferry service works 24 hours a day and it leaves every 15 minutes. 

fisher island ferry

Not everybody can access Fisher Island, you need to be either a resident or a resident's guest to gain access to the island.

fisher island condos

Fisher Island is also the name of the affluent neighborhood on the island, comprised of just over 225 homes.

History of Fisher Island
Fisher Island owes its existence to a 1919 dredging effort. Purchased by auto parts magnate and land developer Carl G. Fisher, he sold the island five years later to William Kissam Vanderbilt II. Actually, he traded the island for Vanderbilt’s yacht.

Since then, Fisher Island has changed wealthy hands a number of times until, finally, development began in earnest in the 1980s. Today, Fisher Island is home to a private school, a resort, condo complexes, and, naturally, a number of amazing mansions. Several celebrities own homes on the island. According to Forbes Magazine, Fisher Island is America's richest zip code.

Fisher Island Attractions
Fisher Island Club is the vacation resort located on the island. With only 45 rooms, Fisher Island Club offers the ultimate, intimate getaway destination. 

fisher island golf

Golfers may be interested in The Links at Fisher Island, a 9-hole championship track (designed by P.B. Dye) with a clubhouse, driving range and complimentary golf carts for resort guests. 

For sun lovers, the resort offers a private beach with butler service or the saltwater-filled Vanderbilt pool.

fisher island beach condos

Other amenities include:

A private yacht marina
18 clay, grass and hard-surface tennis courts
22,000 square foot spa and fitness center
Full service salon
24-hour concierge service

Eateries include an Italian restaurant, a pizzeria, the Golf Grill at the Clubhouse, steak and fresh seafood at the Vanderbilt mansion and more. Before your meal enjoy cocktails at the piano bar in the Garwood Lounge. 

The purchase price for the Fisher Island Club equity membership is $250,000 and the annual dues are approximately $20,000.00/year. Food and beverage minimum is $1,500/year. The equity membership is optional for condo owners in Fisher Island. In other words, you can buy a unit in Fisher Island without becoming a member of the Club. In some cases, if the seller of a Fisher Island condo is selling his membership and the buyer purchases it concurrent with the condo closing, the seller can get some of the proceeds from the sale of his membership (80% from the Club) at closing, as long as the seller is current.

Living on Fisher Island
You’ll find a number of Fisher Island condos dotting the outer edges of this exclusive island. The communities inside Fisher Island are: Marina Village, Seaside Villas, Bayside, Bayview, Oceanside, Palazzo Del Mare and Villa Del Mare

fisher island pool

Each community has a separate condominium association and there is also the master association of the island (Fisher Island Community Association or FICA). Therefore, when you buy a condo in Fisher Island you pay maintenance to your specific community association and to the master association.

Another aspect to consider is that any modification or work to units must be approved by the individual association and the master association. Also, exterior work, for example windows or doors, must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) which is part of FICA and whose responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the exterior of all the buildings in Fisher Island.

Condos for sale in Fisher Island
Currently, there are 87 condos for sale in Fisher Island. They range from $340,000 in Marina Village for a 1bed/1bath with 465 square feet, to $14million in Oceanside for a 6bed/6bath with 6,820 square feet.

At the lower end of the price range sits a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom bayside unit with views. Located on the west side of Fisher Island, this unit is offered at $1,150,000.

fisher island marina

For $1,400,000 you can purchase a deep-water dock slip, in a prime location, in front of the Trattoria.

At the top of the Fisher Island condo price range is an amazing 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom home. It features, gleaming marble floors, an oversized open kitchen, a state-of-the-art security system and more. This home is offered at $14 million.
fisher island kitchen
We are happy to show you any available Fisher Island properties and to answer any questions you may have about the island. Feel free to contact us.
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