Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Miami: the favorite city of the Millennials

Miami is one of the favorite destinations worldwide, it is also a MUST in the United States. It is common for this city to be associated with a limited stay,  vacations or summer enjoyment.

Miami has become much more than a summer full of majestic beaches. Today, it is one of the preferred destinations in the United States to settle and stay. What has surprised many is that Millennials have decided to make this their hometown. Here are some of the reasons why Miami is the preferred city of this generation.

Labor expansion

Miami is a city full of projects. Since it’s a famous tourist destination, there are many projects in development. Even though the unemployment rate fluctuates around 5%, this does not stop the Millennials, because all the possibilities offered by the city are much more important.

Slowing house prices

Getting a property in Florida is a titanic task. Here, the price of real estate is usually high. However, something interesting is happening in Miami that could open the doors to the future of young people. Normally, the prices of real estate in this city rise between 6 and 7% annually; however, this process has slowed down, meaning more investment opportunities for young entrepreneurs.


The United States has beautiful cities whose climates represent a resounding "No" for many. Miami has an enviable climate. The sun is a constant element during the year and the temperatures are never extreme, so deciding to live in Miami will not be a headache.


Even if it seems superfluous, this aspect is one of the favorites of many. Having a space where you can disconnect from everything just a few minutes away from home is an attractive attribute. The sea always brings Miami closer to creative and young souls.


It is precisely this multiculturalism that has opened the doors of expansion to this city. Companies from all over the world, with workers from all over the world, living side by side in the same city. The diversity of cultures, languages ​​and physical features makes Miami even more interesting.

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