Wednesday, September 20, 2017

All You Need to Know About Little Havana

We are always talking about all the flavor the Latino community brings to Miami; all that color and warmth can be seen at Little Havana, a beautiful Cuban neighborhood where you can have fun, eat delicious food, meet amazing people and also invest. And if you would like to know all there is about this famous area in Miami, you’ll soon be able to visit Little Havana’s first-ever museum.

Finally, this community decided to create a Museum dedicated to the preservation of all its colorful history, interesting tales, artifacts and facts in one place, at Calle Ocho, next to the popular Ball and Chain bar. Soon, at the end of 2017, this time capsule will open its doors to the public, so everyone can learn about the social, cultural and political importance that this neighborhood brings to South Florida. You can’t visit Little Havana without visiting the Maximo Gomez Park, where you will probably see elder Cubans playing domino or chess while they reminisce old anecdotes about their beloved Cuba.

Little Havana is a 98% Latino community where you can smell delicious coffee in every corner and hear vibrant music in every venue. It’s a great place to go and have fun, but it’s also a great place to live if you are into the Latin lifestyle. This neighborhood is considered by many one of the most undervalued neighborhoods in Miami. The median apartment price in 2015 was about $200,000, which is a “low” price considering this neighborhood’s proximity to urban areas and public transportation that will take you quite quickly to some of the hottest places in Miami, including South Beach, only 8 miles away (where apartments cost over $1M). In 2017, apartment prices were expected to rise, but they haven’t so far. Rent prices, on the other hand, did go up to a median of $1,900, which was a great news for many investors in the area. 

This historical area in Miami Dade brings very good opportunities for first time buyers looking for properties to invest, and it’s also important to mention that this hard-working community is also very welcoming to everyone willing to contribute to this neighborhood’s growth and preservation. Whether you want to invest, eat delicious Cuban/Latin food, have a great and refreshing drink, or experience the colorful lifestyle of Cubans, you should definitely visit Little Havana. On the other hand, if you would like to live or invest there, you can contact Miami Riches anytime and we will help you find the perfect property for you and your family.
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