Monday, October 29, 2018

Miami Food Halls, the new gastronomic trend

This is a gastronomic trend in Miami that you cannot miss. A food hall is a space where you can enjoy a wide variety of street food from all over the world. It is a very hipster concept and it is based on the idea of having many options in a single place. It is a kind of market or food fair.

Their gastronomic variety is superb; they are very popular in Singapore, Australia, Denmark and Germany. Besides offering gastronomic diversity, they’re also a cultural meeting place.

How is a Food Hall installed? Generally, in spaces such as large, empty buildings from where the concept is started.

In Miami, these kinds of places are fantastic. With so many cultures to take advantage of, this city boasts of having excellent gastronomy, such as Latin American food ready to be tasted.

Have you already visited and enjoyed great food at a Food Hall?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Ultimate guide to McDonald’s Real Estate

South Florida is home of the company that has given a great impulse to the gastronomic business. We are talking about McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is one of the largest Real Estate companies in the world, it is present in 119 different countries with a total of 33,990 open restaurants. It is estimated that around 69 million customers eat at McDonald’s restaurants every day.

In Miami, McDonald’s business has grown exponentially, increasing its sales every day.

To invest in McDonald’s, you do not need to think much, since the rise of this company is totally undeniable, it has grown and continues to grow.

From this famous franchise’s business model we can learn that:

Although aspiring to become what it is today, McDonald’s may seem naive, its business model leaves us lessons that we can replicate. This will help you to invest.

       You must strive so that your client faithfully believes in the brand and identifies with it.
       Innovation; your business must be able to evolve with your customers.
       You must listen to your clients; your business must be dynamic and you must be willing to change. That communication will make you stand up in times of crisis.

Some of the companies that have used a similar business model and have been successful are Starbucks and Uber.
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