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Moving to Miami? All you need to know


Miami is a wonderful city, on an eternal vacation and with a wonderful climate. Plus, Miami brings together the best of worlds: Caribbean flavor and American culture. But, before moving to Miami, as in any city in the world to which you want to move, you must know certain factors: who lives there, what the lifestyle is like, the economy, etc.


Miami has a very colorful and happy culture, with a vibrant nightlife and beaches, and warm winters, if this is something that matters to you, this is your place. But, since not everything is fun, here is a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of living in this city.


What factors should I consider when moving to Miami?

When moving to Miami you must consider a number of factors:


For those who want to live in the United States, there are many advantages in this particular aspect. With 50 states, you have all the climates to choose from. Miami is a city with a mild climate and temperatures, when you compare it to others, especially in winter. However, it is a city where it rains constantly and is in the eye of the hurricane, at least between June and November.


Therefore, if you want to move to Miami, you should consider that you will have to prepare for this season.


Additionally, consider that during the summer the temperatures will be quite high and the humidity is intense.

Is Miami an expensive city to live in?

Yes. The highest costs of living in Miami are rent and food. But Florida has a benevolent tax legislation: there is no state income tax in Florida, which could save you thousands of dollars (you should pay only the federal taxes).



In Miami you lose time in traffic!!! This is true! There are areas that are very congested and this makes people look to live in other areas of the city and surroundings and not waste so much time in traffic.


There are several factors to improve in these aspect, but we know that the corresponding authorities are working on it. Even so, it is our duty to tell you…


Food, food, food... many different culinary cultures in one place

In Miami you will never get bored of eating the same, since the cultural offer is not only in activities, but also in restaurants!! Whatever you want to eat, we have it!


There are MANY options in condos to move to Miami

When you are moving to Miami, you have to make decisions like whether to rent or buy; the area where you want to live; if you have children, the schools where they will go, etc.

Fortunately, there are options for everyone and we can help you! Check our web to know our options for you.


Activities and cultural offer

It is impossible to be bored in this city. If you are moving to Miami, be prepared to be amazed by the lot of things to do. For lovers of nightlife, Miami offers the most intense activity; If you prefer to taste Latin American cuisine, the city offers an impressive variety of restaurants.


If your interests are inclined towards art, the galleries represent artists from all over world. If you prefer contact with nature, we have famous natural parks that are less than three hours away.


What are you waiting for? Moving to Miami looks like a many more joys and advantages than anything else. We will be waiting for you!

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