Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to feel like home in your MORADA: a view from MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE

Investing on a new home means fixing it to create your dream house. Look at the empty spaces, close your eyes, and imagine which piece of furniture would achieve that desired look. Which one are you missing? Perhaps a chair, a couch, a table? Which color? Which texture? Look at the spaces around you, look at the walls, at the floor, at the textures and colors, which piece of furniture would answer to your needs?
Home is the most important investment you’ll ever make. Be sure that your memories, and your family’s, are being built in a beautiful place. MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE is an excellent place for you to look for the perfect piece of furniture. They’ll know what you need and they will help you look and decide which one your home needs.

MORADA’s work is so amazing because it translates from inspiration. Having traveled around the world has given its creators, Fernan Hern├índez and Holger Odestein, lots of experiences to get inspired by. Once you see their work, you’ll understand the fascination that these unique pieces generate. They offer the best quality artistic design to create the perfect spaces.

MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE (which means “home” in urban Spanish) is located at 3701 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Design District. FL, 33137. If you are around, don’t hesitate to visit these two artists’ own personal temple. You’ll find yourself fascinated by the store, the designs they have to offer, and especially by both artists. Get yourself inspired in Miami and feel that same inspiration when you get home and see one of these unique pieces every day. MORADA HAUTE FURNITURE BOUTIQUE is the perfect combination of luxury, elegance, and art. 

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