Monday, August 15, 2016

Michael Schwartz’s Gastronomic Experience

If you’re looking for an awesome place where to spend time while enjoying innovative fashion, design, architecture, and dining experiences, then Miami Design District is the answer you’re looking for. Miami Design District is an excellent destination to have the best shopping, cultural, and culinary experience: all in one place!

Visiting Miami Design District will probably make you hungry; all those restaurant smells will make you crave for a nice meal. To have the best gastronomic experience, you have to visit Michael Schwartz’s Genuine Food & Drink. Here, you’ll find a laid-back atmosphere and really delicious food. Their secret is to make food that’s homemade, unpretentious, delectable, and with great local ingredients. They look for the highest-quality products for their plates.

If you go for a Sunday brunch – which we genuinely recommend – then you’ll experience the best plates, including everything from a breakfast pizza with local farm egg and house-smoked bacon topping to playfully decadent childhood treats and lemon ricotta pancakes. It’s the perfect place to enjoy with the whole family.

Michael Schwartz has also delighted us with a second, also very delicious, restaurant located at Coconut Grove, Miami, named Harry’s Pizzeria. Enjoy the best wood-oven pizzas, plus different Italian snacks such as fried polenta, warm Brussels sprouts with Italian cheese salad, and a great variety of entrees and desserts to choose from. It’s the perfect place for an excellent family dinner or to take your date. You won’t be disappointed with the food quality, they are very cautious with its preparation, since they take so much care of the ingredients they use.

Visit Michael Schwartz’s Genuine Food & Drink and Harry’s Pizzeria for an extraordinary meal and gastronomic experience!

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