Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Rebirth of Little Haiti

Miami is one of the six most important cities worldwide to invest in real estate. It holds the title of the nation’s second financial capital, behind the Big Apple. The so-called Coasty Cities are cities with better prospects, great opportunities for investment and higher chances of revaluation. These areas and buildings are known as trophy assets.

Miami’s charm makes it a truly metropolitan city; within just a few blocks you can experience a change in character. You can see murals that commemorate significant events in Haitian history while a trendy emerging area is on the other side of the block. Located at the North of Miami, Little Haiti is a happy and colorful place where you won’t want to miss the opportunity to soak up in Haitian culture, experiencing its flavors, sounds and dances.

The area boasts art galleries, Haitian book and music stores and is increasingly becoming a burgeoning center of small, independent businesses of all kinds. New bike lanes make it easy to explore this recently gentrified neighborhood.

It has seen a lot of changes in the past few years as the Design District has grown, expanded and the creative class has started to call the area home. Little Haiti is slowly being transformed and may be the next big thing in Miami. This will be a good place to invest in little apartment buildings, renovate and rent them out for a long term investment.

We chose a couple of properties as examples of this growing community:

A town-home style property. All units have been updated. It features tile and granite counter-tops and 1 assigned parking spot, just for $449,000. This is a great opportunity!

A great up-and-coming location: two blocks from Biscayne Boulevard, close to Design District, Midtown and Wynwood and only minutes away from Miami Beach and downtown Miami, just for $275,700.

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