Friday, December 20, 2019

The best cities in Florida to invest in this 2020

Miami is considered one of the best cities in Florida to invest in. At Miami Riches, we show you the attractions and benefits of its different areas for you to discover where to invest in 2020.

The city of Miami is surrounded by several areas that show their style, ranging from the financial district to the district of the arts. This is our list of the 5 most popular districts to invest in the upcoming year:

Located in downtown Miami, Brickell is South Florida's premier financial district. An urban neighborhood, adorned with luxurious buildings, offices, hotels, and a multicultural selection of cafes, restaurants, and clubs that make it the favorite place for locals, tourists, and entrepreneurs, as well as the residence of a large number of millennials.

One of the fastest-growing areas in the city, Midtown is the perfect area for those who enjoy the balance between good living, fashion, and the arts. With its streets full of life, its surroundings breathe a cultural diversity that has enriched each of its spaces, which is why you can taste a variety of dishes and beverages, find any architectural style, trends in decoration, or simply witness their daily activities on the spot.

Better known as the Wynwood Arts District, thanks to Tony Goldman, who saw the artistic potential of the area in its purest representation, graffiti. After years of exploration, in 2009, the still celebrated exhibition, Wynwood Walls, opened. Thus in 2016, Wynwood was proud to celebrate its second spring as a fashionable neighborhood of the city.

Downtown Miami refers to the center of the city; it is one of the neighborhoods in Miami characterized by its high buildings and views of Biscayne Bay. Dazzling skyscrapers, business centers, conventions, and meeting centers with unsurpassed views of the sea make this place a jewel.

The Edgewater neighborhood is accompanied by its characteristic skyscrapers, modern buildings that are under development, and the strong artistic movement that is felt there by the proximity to Midtown Miami and Miami Design District. It is on the edge of the bay, which makes it an area of great interest to domestic and foreign investors who project into this neighborhood.

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