Monday, July 24, 2017

Miami’s Summer Is the Best Summer!

There’s no place like Miami to spend an unforgettable summer. The Caribbean, the beaches, the food, the atmosphere and its people make it one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, especially during the summer season, when thousands of visitors from all around the world come here to have the time of their lives, and each and every one of these visitors finally understands that Miami’s summer is the best!

There are plenty of activities available in Miami and its surroundings all year, but during the summer… it’s just something else. Learn about our top 5 favorite things to do in Miami this summer of 2017!

Beach, sun and sand: some of the main attractions in the Caribbean are, of course… its beaches. Sandy paradises where you can go to relax, eat delicious food, have fun and reconnect with your body. 21st Street Beach, Lummus Park Beach, Haulover Beach, South Pointe Beach and Surfside are among the most popular beaches in Miami, and each one has its own particular magic. Maybe one summer won’t be enough to fully enjoy each one of them!

Water sports: surfing, speedboats, jet skis, kayak, flyboarding… you name it. Miami gives you countless options if you are interested in any sort of water sports! Miami Beach, Biscayne Bay and Key West are filled with activities available all year, but they are all particularly great during the summer season.

Eco-tourism: the Caribbean offers spectacular views, but it’s also home for some of the most beautiful fauna in the world. Snorkeling in crystal clear water is one of the greatest experiences in this little paradise, and there are many tours of this kind available all across Miami. There is another amazing tour we recommend to everyone who visits Miami; a visit to the Everglades! A unique view at one of the most amazing natural parks in the world.

Paddleboards: this might enter in the “water sports” category, but we like to mention it separately because there’s a particular tour we are madly in love with: the LED Paddleboard Sunset Glow Tour. Enjoy one of the most beautiful views of nature at sunset, on a paddleboard with LED lights that illuminate all around you and give you a particularly magical view of the crystal-clear Caribbean water at its most beautiful time of the day.

Deep sea fishing: Miami is one of the deep sea fishing capitals in the world, and there are many tours of this kind available. Go offshore on a yacht with professional fishing equipment and professional fishermen more than happy to teach you everything about this sport. Catch your dinner or simply have some good time at the sea with your friends and family.

Of course, there are many more equally fun and enjoyable activities, but we would like to leave some surprises for when you decide to visit us. Tourism is one of the main economical growth sources in Miami, and many investors fall in love with its magic before they actually decide to spend their money in this corner of the Caribbean! Contact Miami Riches any time to start planning the next big move in your life.

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