Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Miami is your Neighborhood

With its exponential growth, Miami has proven to be one of the best cities to invest and live in. Not only has there been an amazing amount of new constructions, but projects have been carried out by its own citizens to enhance life in this city.

Zyscovich Architects want to bring fun, funky bus stations to key locations around Miami. Their initial concept was a bus shelter shaped like a Big M, where the bus riders would feel comfort and convenience. These bus shelters would be stylish as well, making them adapt to the essence of each neighborhood. However, this creative idea is not standing alone; it came along a series of other winners in the Public Space Challenge.

Public Space Challenge
The purpose of this challenge is to uncover the best ideas for creating, improving or activating parks, plazas and local gathering places in Miami. The Miami Foundation came up with this yearly contest, where the number of submissions has increased in the last two years, showing its success and the interest of the citizens in improving their communities.

Everyone in the greater Miami area can participate. As a matter of fact, they accept submissions from individuals, groups, nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, which is the case of Zyscovich Architects. This architectural firm is one of this year’s 18 winners that have shown a variety of themes. From the rejuvenation of a small, vacant plot of land (located at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s) to street poetry, you will find projects that drive long-term improvements to our city’s landscape.

Ideas for your space
Parks and public spaces are important for our residents’ physical well-being and allow connections to each other, because they represent recreational places for different activities and encounters. Their development provides the chance to diversify lifestyles, cultures and progress. That outdoor space that you use on a daily basis is yours and it can be transformed with your ideas. Improvement is what we should be aiming for and by starting these projects, Miami is not turning back. This highlights the great potential that can be exploited and the risk that comes by not investing in this growing city. Let’s hope to see those comfy Ms really soon.

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